Build Your Own Master Class

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 Build Your Own
 Master Class!

For those who are looking for a critique class and/or a chance  to do some independent studies with me, I have a "build your own master class".   
In this class the students will develop their own goals, whether it be for one piece, of for a whole series.
But - with my help, input, support etc whenever you need it.

First step would be to devise a plan for how you want the class to work for you:

We'll need to decide upon the following:

1. Start and finish date. (6 months, or a year?)*
Starting date as specified by you.

2. How do you want the time spread out within each "assignment"?
     e.g. how many days for sketch, how many for blocking out, how many  days for finishing?  You set the time frames, and I'll work with you. At each time stage you would upload your work (see #5) and I would comment (as needed).  I suggest no more than 4 sketches for the sketching stage - sketches can be simple pencil drawings, paintings, collage with paper or fabric...whatever works for you, and one piece for the blocking out and finishing stages.
To get the best of both worlds, you set the actual time frame per assignment...but  I will enforce it.
 You can specify whatever you like, but you have to stick to it.  that way you get the benefit of having that accountability that many people have mentioned as being important, but you have had the input as to the time.  About 3/5 the people said 4 weeks was great, but 2/5 would have liked a little longer - 6 weeks being the usual mentioned. However, it's up to you!
3. Your overall goals and/or specific goals.

4. D'you want formal assignments or something more open ended?
e.g. I can devise assignments addressing particular design goals, or you can just specify what it is you wish to work on, month by month.

5. Students will upload their work, comments and questions to a private  blog  - and  can remain totally anonymous if they wish..
The more people we have uploading, the more we can all learn!  However, you could send to me directly if you prefer, and receive a personal answer. 
Happy to answer any questions about how this will work...also open to any ideas!
I can always be reached directly at elizabethmasterclass AT

thank you, Elizabeth

*  I'd like to keep the fee structure about the same as for my regular master class because I know how much time it takes!!    $395 for 12 months...or, if you prefer,  $225 for 6 months.